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SKU#J110_HARDWARE: ROSSER Limited Edition Vinyl LP

SKU#J110_HARDWARE: ROSSER Limited Edition Vinyl LP

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Are you ready to embark on a musical journey that's as clear as the Atlanta skies, as smooth as a Georgia peach, and as timeless as vinyl itself? Look no further than Rosser's debut self-titled album, available on 180-gram ultra-clear vinyl.

Some say Alt Rock, some say Power Pop. Many jump directly to a reference to The Cars, then have to think a little harder when they get deeper in.

Whereas Tiny Hot Spot and Rabbit's Foot definitely sit well in that pocket, tracks like Chameleon and Carousel take the listener to a more spatial musical landscape, where the guitars glisten over snaking bass lines while the rhythms cut and thump with intent.

Other songs like Nervous Weather and Past Life head back to pop rock territory like a newer take on Zeppelin or Sabbath, if Thom Yorke had been in the mix maybe. Strange and Clear Sky take listeners on a journey through the thick and thin of love, evoking the calm of ocean waves in one and the intensity of jumping out of an airplane in another.

All together, Rosser's first album feels exactly like an album should... A comprehensive journey, each song standing on it's own, but together forming an experience greater than the sum of it's parts.

The kind of song list you'd want to stream in order while on a drive, with your arm out the window, either heading for a night out or heading home from one.


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