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SKU#C120_STAFF: Chris Senador

SKU#C120_STAFF: Chris Senador

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Meet Chris Senador: ROSSER's Groovy Bass Virtuoso and Resident Funk-Stronaut

In the funky, rhythm-infused galaxy of Alt-Wave wonder that is ROSSER, we proudly present our very own cosmic bass explorer, Chris Senador. He's not just a staff member; he's the bass-thumping, groove-moving maestro who keeps our Atlanta Alt-Wave brand pulsating with rhythm and laughter.

The Bassline Beginnings of a Galactic Groover

Chris's journey into the world of bass began when he swapped his baby bottle for a bass guitar pick and started plucking the strings before he could tie his shoes. Some say his first words were, "Slap, pop, funk," and his pacifier was a miniature bass guitar.

Master of All Things Groovy

At ROSSER, Chris doesn't just play the bass; he grooves the bass. By day, he's our secret weapon, deciphering complex algorithms like a mad scientist in a groove laboratory. By night, he transforms into the funkiest of funk-stronauts, guiding us through sonic galaxies with his basslines.

The Funky Work-Life Blend

Chris's secret to work-life balance? He doesn't have one. He believes that every spreadsheet can benefit from a slap bass solo. He once turned a mundane budget presentation into a full-blown funk concert, complete with neon lights and a smoke machine.

Office Grooves and Bass Bonanzas

If you happen to stroll through the ROSSER office after hours, you might catch Chris grooving with the water cooler, teaching the printer to dance, or leading an epic air bass competition in the breakroom. He's convinced that every object in the office has a hidden talent for funk.

In the world of Alt-Wave wonder, Chris Senador is the bass-thumping, groove-moving genius who keeps our Atlanta Alt-Wave brand groovy and alive. With his unique blend of musical talents, coding wizardry, and a sense of humor as funky as his basslines, he's the driving force that makes ROSSER truly exceptional. So, the next time you feel the rhythm in the office, remember Chris Senador, the guy who keeps us all grooving to the beat at ROSSER!
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